Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Elphine House Challenge #12...White on White.......

Good Evening!!!
It is time for another challenge over at
I had fun with this one! I need to get moving on
Teacher's gifts so I pulled out one of the houses
I bought to put treats in and went to town! I just
kept adding and adding!! LOL

I LOVE the way it turned out but the none of the girls want
this one!! LOL They don't think it is Christmassy at all!!!
To keep in with the theme of Christmas I went with this adorable image!
AGAIN ~ I think I have used her 4 times already!! I just love
how versatile she is!!

I really wanted to stick with the white along with some neutrals ~
that is why I decided to do the cracked glass effect on a plain image
as opposed to coloring it. I would have had to use alot of colors
on this one.


I used old organ music that I had laying around and of course
wouldn't you know the Christmas song I pick and put on the
roof has the bad word for donkey straight across the back of it!
I didn't even catch it ~ the girls we yelling at me!! hehe
So I had to cover it up with some snow.

I also added some tinsel glitter to the bells.

I got some really good cracks in this time!

The house was from Hobby Lobby, bells ~ eBay,
the felt snowflakes ~ WOJ die and the big
ribbon is from some towels that I bought.
The buttons are from my stash, lace is WOC and
the postage sentiment is from Whimsy Stamps.

Sorry it has been forever since I have blogged! It is
only getting worse instead of better!! 
AND with Christmas right around the corner I am finding it
harder and harder to find time to make cards! This will be
the second year in a row I can't send them! How bad is that???

Anyways thanks so much for stopping by and I hope
you are all enjoying the holiday season so far!!


Kelly Schelske said...

Gorgeous Kathy!

Mo said...

Ohhhhhhh Kathy..., your Xmas-House is absolutely ADORABLE..., love, love, love it !!!
Big Hugs,

Padster said...

Absolutely stunning - love it! love it! love it! Especially the buttons on the roof xxx

debby4000 said...

Oh WOW Kathy this is gorgeous.

Dena said...

Soooo pretty Kathy! I love this style and all the crackle! Love that you used just the neutral and white, very pretty!!!!
Have a great Christmas this year!!
Hugs, Dena

yvon said...

Whaaaa, did you hear me scream? My kids where allmost panicing: mom , whats wrong?? I said: Will you look at this, it's absolut gorgeous. Oooh, is that all, they said...... hahaha.
It's beautiful.
Hugs, Yvon

Denise and Louise said...

OMW what an amazing creation - stunningly gorgeous.
Denise xx

June Nelson said...

Ansolutely beautiful Kathy xx

Renkata said...

Sensational project.

Janiel/ janny said...

Gorgeous Kathy!!!! Very creative and just full of good old Christmas fun and cheer!! Even if your girl's don't think so!!

Happy holiday hugs to you!! I think of you often!! Just not blogging or emailing much still due to illness...

Tammi said...

Wow, love your beautiful Christmas house, will make a stunning gift! ~hugs

maria said...

Well done,Kathy so beautifull!! wah,love the crackle a lot, gives an extra!!


Kirsty-Anne (Kitty) said...

Hi Wow this is so out of this world. Incredibly beautiful ! Every detail is just perfect. So many techniques and pretty ideas !! Really stands out as does most of your creations. Just wanted to thankyou for all your inspiration this year. I wish your family and you a fantastic Christmas & A super 2012 ! Lots of Crafty Hugs Kitty ;0) x

Colette said...

Absolutely fabulous Kathy, I'm well impressed. Your creativity just amazes me.
Colette xx

electric scooters said...

It really mind blowing work.Thanx to share with us.I really like Jingle bell picture.It really beautiful.

harada57 said...
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