Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sugar Bowl *Tiets Sketch*.......

Good Morning!!

It is time for another challenge over at the Sugar Bowl and this week we
have a gorgeous sketch by the talented Tiets!!
(I just love her sketches!)

Along with the sketch we were given a recipe:
3 flowers, 2 brads and 1 button.
I don't know if I cheated but I made three flowers out of 6!!
I hope that is ok!! LOL

Paper is from K and Co. and DCWV
I used distress inks and twinkling h2o's to color in my image.
Lace is JoAnn's, Flowers are Prima and brads are from Michaels.

I also made this card to fit a inspiration challenge ~ it is again from Lilybean Paperie.

And I also added a tag to it to go along with the challenge over at
Quixotic Paperie which is Tag It!
The tag reads: You have to kiss alot of frogs to find your prince!
Thought it was very fitting for this adorable image.

I don't usually combine so many challenges but with the snow
the girls have been home and it has been taking me ages to create a post!!
I am ready to throw this thing out the window!!

Anyways don't forget to stop by and see the rest of the DT
cards as they are always gorgeous and blow me away every challenge!!
Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you all have a wonderful day!!


Kim Piggott said...

I love your beautiful card!
Your image is gorgeous and coloured so beautifully!
Your paper is so delicious and I love your fabulous detail!
Stunning card!
kim x

debby4000 said...

Wonderful sweet card, beautiful colours and adorable image.

Scrapmumur said... dear Kathy, your card is very so pretty!!!
Beautiful papers and adorable image.
Thank you for your si nice comments in my blog.
Have a great day.
Big Hugs, Mumur

Lilian said...

Kathy, your card is just soft and sweet! Lovin the details! Cute image too! :)

Sandie said...

Ha!! LOVE that image.. so funny!! Beautiful card, love the colours and detailing.

Frances said...

Ooo, Hi Kathy! Loving your new blog background colours - matches your card beautifully :) I love how your bows and buttons turn out can never get mine to look like that - will have to practice! Hope you're enjoying the snow! xx

Dena said...

Kathy, what a stunner!!! I love the flower combination and the way you tied that bow. Are you making it with the bow-maker? It's just PERFECT. This really is a jaw dropper!
I bet it is so hard to have kids around and stamp, I can't even have my hubby around, he needs my attention too much ha ha!
I hope it warms up soon, it is even cold here in Texas where it is never cold. I hate it!
Hugs, Dena

scrappyjan said...

Oh Kathy this is so STUNNING!!!!!! a WOW factor card!!!
I hope you warm up there soon sweetie.... It's even cold here and this is the land of sunshine and HEAT.
big hugs to you, Janiel

Melissa said...

Just adorable...I LOVE the layering...the sweet, warm colors and how it's all pulled together so very well...sweet as can be. Thanks so much for playing along.

Diana said...

GREAT card! Your coloring is spectacular!!!!

Lorraine said...

Oh this card is absolutely lovely Kathy.

Mary J said...

Really great card! Fab colouring!

Lisa Jane said...

A beautiful card, i love the image and it is beautifully coloured.
I wondered if you could help. I won last weeks challenge, but unfortunately for some reason i can't use the email link to pass on my details. I don't know how else to get in touch
Lisa ;)

having a {me} day said...

WOW!! This is sooooo BEAUTIFUL! Just gorgeous! I love everything about it. Fabulous colouring and gorgeous colours and detail. keeleyxx

Elaine aka Quixotic said...

Gorgeous, Kathy!

Thank you for playing along with us at Quixotic Challenges!

Tammi said...

*gasp* A stunningly gorgeous creation!! Love every single thing about this Kathy! Perfect sentiment on the tag too! :)

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