Friday, October 9, 2009

A couple of challenges and a little blog candy.....

Good morning! Hope all is well!! Something is in the air as my sinuses are iffy again!! I feel like I have to sneeze all the time and it just doesn't want to come out!! haha
Anyways I have made a card for the ROP challenge which is to use orange, green and brown. Mind you 2 of these 3 or not my favorite!! LOL I also am going to enter it into ASFOS and Simon Says Stamp as both of there challenges are to make a Halloween card. I just fell in love with this image the minute I seen it on Elisabeth's SASS. I was so wishing it would be made into a stamp so when I seen it I was so excited!! I think it is just the sweetest picture!!

********* NOW CLOSED *******
Imagine my surprise when I had seen that I won the Belles and Whistles blog hop and received the entire new set!!! It made my week!!! I was going to get this one no matter what so I am going to have a little candy and this stamp (a new one!) is up for grabs along with various Hallween papers, ribbons and whatever else I throw in in the meantime!
Usually when I want to have a candy I just give it to the Crafty Monkey's girls for there challenge but this time I am curious so it is due time that I gave one away here.

So all I would like to know is "What do you miss about the good 'ole days? Or if you even miss them at all?" I miss the simple things ~ for one I just miss seeing and hearing kids play outside. When we drive around all we see are empty backyards! When I was little we would have a ton of kids playing and if we wanted to start a game up we would have like 20 kids within half hour!

I know I am a simple girl!! haha Since it is pretty close to Halloween this candy will only run a couple days and I will draw the winner on Tuesday, October 13th at 12:00 noon.

Well thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you all have a fabulous week-end!! It is getting to be my favorite time of the year so I know I will enjoy it! I will probably spend some time raking and I think we will have a fire and roast some marshmellows! We have an extra day for this week-end so I will definitely enjoy sleeping in on Monday as well!! haha


rosa said...

Wow Thanks for the chance at all your candy I follow and have linked you all up
sorry for my english spero di vincere un saluto dall'Italia bye bye rosa

Annie said...

I love how you coloured this cute image - it's one of my favourites too! what do I miss about the old days - time. Everyone is in such a hurry now and busy cramming to much into each day that there's no time to enjoy the simple pleasures of nature. enjoy your weekend.
hugs, annie x

craftykitten said...

Hi there,
Thanks for the chance to win your fab candy.
What I miss about the old days is good neighbours. People don't seem to speak to one another these days, they are either too distant or just plain rude. Gone are the days when you could have a chat over the garden fence! Sigh!!
Dawn xx

Minxy said...

Aw now that is a super cute card, great image, and your colouring is spot on.
What do i miss... Has to be not having a care in the world, you know the school years on holiday breaks spending time with your friends and chatting about boys lol
I have candy come enter mine :)

Delicia said...

Ah the good ole days...ya when kids went to play and just had to be home for dinner, no cell phones no worries. I miss the carefreeness of childhoods gone by fo sure!! I miss the time BEFORE cell phones! I miss front porches, now folks have fenced in decks and pools and backyards, with NO NEIGHBORS LOL.

All Pink girl said...

Wow stunning card Kathy so beautifully coloured out standing xxx
so sorry i have not been over much xxxx
hugs Dawnxxx

Sandra said...

The coloring is perfect Kathy. Love the little hint of blue, that just makes the card stand out. Very, very nice!

That little guy looks like he hasn't a care in the world, that is what I miss.

Dawn Edwards said...

Beautiful card! Thanks for the chance for Blog Candy! I miss being able to sleep in before having kids! LOL

Rosette said...

Gorgeous card Kathy!! :) You really made that wizard stand out!! :) He IS cute!!
Fab candy as well... I'll keep my fingers crossed for that :)

Rosette said...

.. by the wy.. I miss the kids playing out.. just like you. We used to have a blast, Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoon were the best!! :)

joey said...

Hi Kathy

oh my gosh how adorable is that image! your colourwork is just stunning

Kim Piggott said...

Wow Kathy this is so beautiful!
Your colouring is superb and your detail and your design amazing!
So happy that you have joined us at Simon Says Stamp!
So glad that Greys is keeping you in suspense again bet you miss George though. Can't wait for it to air over here.
The thing I miss about the old days is having time just to sit and chat. Everyone is so busy now and life is a top speed!
kim x

Sandy said...

Ooh, great card....AGAIN!

Do you have awhile? My list of things I miss from the "old days" could get pretty long but here are a few!

Playing Kick the Can with the kids in the neighborhood, Safety wasn't or didn't have to be such a big awareness. In the old days people had time for you...they weren't always in such a hurry to get everywhere. Even at the grocery store you can see people you know but they don't stop to chat - everyone seems to have too much on their plate and not enough time in the day to get it done so they aren't as warm and chatty. I miss no cellphones - people are so rude at talking to you and their phone rings and they cut you off and even walk away.

Those are just a few that come to mind!

Donna said...

Hi Kathy, beautiful card and your colouring is wonderful.
Thanks for the chance of winning such lovely candy!
I think the most thing I miss from the good old days is respectfulness. A lot of society these days do not care about anyone but themselves. Such a sad thing....
(Apart from Crafters, of course!!)

Simone P. said...

Love the card! Congratulations! Such a great prize to win. I miss going to the drive-in movies with my family and friends back home in Ohio. Especially when it was a double feature and one was a good scary movie!

Stampin_melissa said...

What a lovely card, and this image is so very precious! It is so kind of you to give it away!

I miss the kids being able to be kids and run around the neighborhood. Now if my DS wants to play with a friend playing in their backyard we have to call first. (When I was a kid, if you were outside you were fair game!)

Karen Arthur said...

What a cute card, I love this image. Actually, I love the color combination and you did a great job, putting it together.
Hugs, Karen A

Nicole Bailey said...

What a beautiful card...that image is just gorgeous and you colored it in beautifully. ;o)
Congrats on winning some candy for yourself and so generous of you to offer candy.
The good ole days...hhhhmmmmm-I miss the looong summers that seemed to last it seems like each summer ends faster than the previous one.
I purposefully plan very very very little during the seems like the only way to help make them last. :o)

cats whiskers said...

Oh Sweetie that is the cutest halloween card around what a truly stunning image, and your colouring just brings it too life. What do I miss from the good old days hun, well time for one, Life used to be lived in the slow lane and now everything has to be done at double quick time. I also miss a decent butchers shop I love the old fashioned cuts of meat and now my nearest butcher is 50 miles away and I have to be satisfied with what they sell in the large stores. Ohhhhh made me really fancy and Oxtail stew after writing this
Have a lovely weekend end sweetie
Hugs Jacqui x

debby4000 said...

Oh adorable card, love the sweet image.
I really miss being able to drive, if I ever win the lottery I going to have my own personal chauffeur.

Lauretta See ( LadyPou) said...

wow i love your card .. i love the image Elisabeth is such a great artist :) and you did a beautiful job with the coloring and all . thank you for the chance at winning this nice candy! yummy :))

take care xx

Rach said...

just wanted to drop by hun to say i love your card.. it is so prety with all your added little details and wonderful colouration.. xx

Deb said...

beautiful card, such a fabulous image, how lucky were you winning all those fabbby stamps! Sounds like a wonderful weekend you have planned, hugs Debx

Aija said...

Hello Kathy!
Thank you for your sweet comments you have left lately :)
And you have coloured this picture so fabulously! Well, what do I miss from the old good times... were there such *lol*
I believe I miss the time when there were no worries, I mean any really big things.
Have a great start for the new week!

Katarina said...

Love your card and the way you coloured it. I miss the "magical" moments if I miss them at all. But I know I idealized them, so I'm trying not to think too much about the past but more about the present.
Thanks for the chance on your great candy.

Diana - Teacher Mom said...

Wow, you did an amazing job on the colouring! I wish I had your talent!

Let's see... what do I miss about the old days? I miss my old house, where I spent most of my life. My parents moved out the year I got married and I haven't been able to show my kids where I spent my youth. As much as I love my parents' new place, I wish they still lived in our old house; it's where most of the great memories are...

Thanks for hosting this blog candy!

connie said...

congratulations on winning and thanks for a chance to win. I miss being able to let my kids/grandkids play outside without someone outside. When I was growing up were always outside, walking to friends house, walking to the corner Pak-a-sak to get an Icee and candy bar. I feel so bad when I make the grandkids come inside because I go in and they still want to play.

having a {me} day said...

I'm loving that scarecrow, so full of character and your colouring is fab! I miss good manners! People are so rude these days, excepting the crafty blog world of course! kxx

Vanja said...

Gorgeous card, your colouring is perfect.
And thanks for a chance to win! I think I'm very nostalgic( sp?), I miss my childhood days when everything was simple and pretty and people were happy and more connected and open to others. I miss old traditions that are getting forgotten as the time passes by, but most of all I miss my Grandparents, the scent of their cozy, warm kitchen in the cold winter days and the touch of their hands. :)

Hugs, Vanja

Tammi said...

Darn, I'm sorry I missed this! I go away from blogging for a week and you decide to blog away! :) Love your card, so vintage and fab looking!

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