Thursday, September 25, 2008

Anki is an angel......

Wow!! What a lovely blog entry I have read this week!!! Anki is celebrating 1000 hits and she is giving away not one but two H & S stamps!!!
......I know and it gets better!! She is letting you pick which ones you want!!
This is a dream for most people because they are so hard to get!! That is why
Anki is definitely an angel!! I know I would probably fall over if I won (LOL) Good luck everyone!! Thanks so much Anki for the chance at actually getting my paws on these stamps!!
....Make sure you look at her blog also!! She has some beautiful creations and she can draw!!! Pretty darn good too I might add.... (Sorry Anki I hope I am not embarrassing you (LOL))!!

Have a great night everyone...


Anki said...

Oh Kathy! You are putting big smile on my face before I go to bed. Thank you soo much for your sweet comments about my quick sketch for Isac. It really warms my heart! Kram + Good Luck! Isac will pick the winner on Saturday!

Camilla said...

Hello my friend! Just popping by to tell you about an award for you on my blog!:)
Have a great weekend!
Hugs, Camilla.