Monday, July 21, 2008

I have received this lovely award from Rach!!! And I am floored that she thinks of me for this:) You must stop by her blog and have a look around!! Her creations are just beautiful and different everyday!! I think she has such a great variety of creations and it is so fun to see what she comes up with everyday!! Thanks so much Rach you have made my day:)

1. Only 5 people allowed.
2. 4 have to be dedicated followers of your blog
3. One has to be someone new or recently new to your blog and live in another part of the world.
4. You must link back to whoever gave you the award. Quite simple really it is a way of saying thank you to those who take time out for wonderful comments to boost your day.

I have dedicated this award to.....

1. Fran
2. Camilla
3. Dawny P (from the U.K)
4. Sandy
5. Debbie

Thanks again ladies and everyone else who leaves such lovely comments on my blog!! I truly appreciate everything you all have to say!!! Have a great day!!!

EDITED TO ADD: Thank you Heike and Bev also!! It really is my pleasure looking at your blogs; thanks for the inspiration:)
Also just received this from Lolo Thanks so much:)


Camilla said...

Hi! Thank you!! You work faster than me, cause I wanted to give this one to you...:)
You make my day!:) *jumping happy*:D
Hugs, Camilla.

Debbie said...

Hi Kathy
Thanks so much for this fab award it means so much receiving it from such a talented crafter,you made my day.
Hugs Debbie x

Heike said...

Hi, Kathy please, take a look on my Blog, there is something for you :-)))......


Frances said...

Aww thanks Kathy but does that mean I can't give this back to you?! Oo congrats on winning Inge's candy - have you seen?! xx

Bev said...

Oh well, you're that good you've got it again cos I;ve just given it you as well lol.

Dawny P said...

Thank you so much for this Kathy xxxx It is just fab to get them and especially when they come from a talent monster like you xxxxx