Thursday, May 22, 2008

I have been awarded this by Debbie at Crafting Fairy!!! I feel so honored to be given this award by her as her creations are beautiful!!! Thank you so much!!
It is really hard to pick just three people for this award. I would love to give it to Marlene and Fran but I see they have already received it from others but if they hadn't I would totally give it to them!! (These girls are who inspired me to attempt all the "international" challenges - so thank you - I have soo much fun doing them!!)
With that being said I will have to go with:
1) Korin for getting me involved in papercrafting and talking me into blogging!! Besides the fact that she truly is an inspiration!!!
2)Sophia at Moonlight Inker because that is the first place I seen Hanglar images and had to research International blogs!! And the fact that her cards are amazing!!
3)Claudia at Pretty Pressings for just being so creative and talented!!

So thanks Debbie for the beautiful award and thanks to the other girls for there inspiration!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks Kathy! Now I am the one who is honored. Thanks so much. I must say though that it is YOU who is the inspiration! You just needed a little coaxing to come out of your shell ;).

Lova ya!

sophia landry said...

Thanks so much Kathy!! I am honored. You to are such an amazingly inspirational stamper. I love coming and looking through your posts.