Monday, February 25, 2008

Tag your it!!

I got tagged by the talented Sue from random on purpose!! This is my first tag as a blogger!! I am supposed to list 7 random/weird facts about myself!! This is her way of getting the dirt on me since I am "normal". Haha if she only knew!!! (LOL) Anyway here I go:

1) Up until recently I did not have a creative bone in my body!!
2) I have a slight case of OCD!! (If you ask my family they would cut out the slight)
3) I hate every vegetable ever made!!!
4) I am "normal" because I had all brothers!! (LOL) I never had to deal with drama!!
5) I hate Chaos!! (No drama but chaos was a daily adventure!There were 7 of us born in 8 years!!!!)
6) I can juggle pretty good!!!
7) Before becoming a mom I wanted to be a forensic pathologist with the FBI!! (No lie that was a dream job - after being a mother!!!) I had great grades in school! Believe it or not!!!

Well there you have it!! A couple tidbits about me. I don't know many bloggers personally so if you see this on here and want to share, be my guest!!!

I better get to my cleaning. I had company for the week-end and I have not had any time to play!! Maybe tonight.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!!!!

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